3 new ways to celebrate the holidays

3 new ways to celebrate the holidays

Let’s face it—the holiday season loses a bit of its magic when you get to be an adult. Between the travel and family obligations, the endless list of reciprocal gifts you have to buy and the tacky holiday sweaters—it can be a bit much.

But the great part about being an adult is that holidays are yours to celebrate any way you see fit. Need some creative ways to honour the season? Try these three.


1. Skip gifts

Seriously. Forgo gifts all together and give experiences (movie tickets, planned dates and outings, and museum passes) instead. People crave new experiences and someone to share them with, so go out on a limb and think outside the (gift) box this year.


2. Go cultural

Despite how much you may love it, even fruitcake and the family norms around the holidays can get old. Shake things up for your holiday celebrations by learning how people in other countries celebrate Christmas (or holidays similar) and try new things—new traditions, new recipes and new experiences.


3. Kick off the new year a week early

That’s right. Build some momentum and start planning out the great things you’ll accomplish in the New Year by starting on December 26. Apply for new jobs, reorganise your flat, or try out new habits a few days ahead of schedule and hit the New Year in stride.


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