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Holiday slump: Get more out of the season

Holiday slump: Get more out of the season

Do all the never-ending pre-Christmas obligations have you close to holiday burnout? You’re not alone. The holidays, no matter how fun and meaningful, can get to even the most joyful of Santa’s elves.

Find yourself losing your holiday pep? Here are three surefire ways to get your seasonal mojo back:


1. Unplug

Sounds crazy, right? But curling up with a good book and a soft blanket can work wonders for an overtaxed soul. Take a little time in the middle of everything to just enjoy being you.


2. Don’t fear the word ‘no’

Get your obligations under control early. Say no to things that don’t absolutely make you happy and fulfilled. Politely decline gift exchanges you don’t want to do and make your apologies early for parties you just don’t want to attend. Make the events you do participate in more meaningful.


3. Create new traditions

Whether it’s making yourself hot chocolate each night or watching all those low-tech classics from the 1960s you loved when you were little, make more out of your holiday season by creating new traditions that put more meaning into your celebration.



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