Creative gift giving for the budget conscious

Creative gift giving for the budget conscious

If only we had bank accounts to match our holiday generosity. Sadly, it usually doesn’t happen that way and even the most financially savvy of us find ourselves panicking as the big gift-giving day approaches.

Looking for creative ways to spend less this holiday season but still have a blast? Read on for three tips:


1. Try hand made

Seriously. Whether you know how to knit, can hand letter fabulous quotes to frame with bargain-store frames or can bottle up fantastic, edible gifts-in-a-jar, making your own gifts can help you go the long haul with your budget this year.


2. Cut the list if you have to

Take a good look at all the gifts you have to buy. Chances are, you’re making it harder on yourself and you could stand to lose a few obligations off your holiday list. If it comes down to it, downgrade a few acquaintances to the “holiday card only” list.


3. Offer your labour instead

If you’re running to the end of your budget and you still have a ways to go, consider the kid-tested, parent-approved gift of coupons. We all have skills that others can use, so offer up your gourmet cooking abilities, your handyman (or woman) talents or your personal assistant savvy to a lucky recipient or two.


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