Help Desk: 3 Tools That Help You Work Better From Anywhere

Help Desk: Tools That Help You Work Better From Anywhere

More and more, professionals are finding balance by working outside of the traditional office space. Whether it’s telecommuting from home or abroad, jobs now have a lot more room to roam built into them. But how do you stay connected and productive if you’re outside of the traditional workspace?


These 3 tools can help:


1. Evernote

If you move between workspaces often enough, your messenger bag will eventually start to look like an overstuffed suitcase if you don’t find a way to get your paperwork under control. Evernote is a genius way to store files and web clippings easily and have them available no matter where you log in. Basic accounts are free and premium accounts offer more features and storage capacities.


2. Trello

Visually keeping track of an important project is easy with the free software Trello. It allows you to create projects, manage to-do lists and status updates and share these with your team—all remotely. Trello specialises in allowing you to view all of the details of your important projects in one glance.



No matter how remote and mobile you are, no employee is an island and eventually, your team is going to need to come together and collaborate. Software like makes it incredibly easy to host a virtual meeting, complete with shared screens and everything. Even better? There are no downloads or subscriptions to manage.


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