Household luxuries you should enjoy as an adult

Household luxuries you should enjoy as an adult

When you’re out on your own moving into your very first flat, you might not have had an eye for detail when it came to setting up shop. Admit it—if it was cheap enough and somewhat fitting, it probably ended up in your place as you struggled to fill it.


But as you’ve grown both personally and professionally, so have your tastes. These days, playing house is about more than just having a futon big enough to fit all of your pad-crashing friends. These days, your home is just another extension of your personal style and as such, there are a few details you should pay attention to.


Dishes have probably been an overlooked part of your kitchen for years now—most likely you’ve got a couple plates from your Grandmother’s set, a few picked up at the discount store when they were on sale, and whatever was left over from the tenant before you. But a matched set of dining wear is an absolute must when you’re a grown up. That doesn’t mean they have to be fancy or cost as much as your car payment, but they do have to reflect your personal tastes and your lifestyle.


The other area to focus on when setting up your house is linens. Spending a little extra for quality duvets, sheets and pillows not only looks gorgeous and is a representative of your personal style, it can usually pay off in the form of better, more quality sleep in the long run.


Your home doesn’t need expensive things to be perfect—but paying attention to a few fine details can help make it better reflect your personality and your entertaining style.


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