Non-social media websites that will upgrade your life in 2016

Non-social media websites that will upgrade your life in 2016

Social media can be great. It’s a way to connect with people around the world at the push of a button. But it can also become an addiction and limit your personal growth if you don’t look beyond the status updates and micro tweets. If you’re looking to lessen social media’s hold on your free time in the upcoming New Year, here are a few suggestions for you:

If you’re looking to learn something new, open source classrooms are a great way to audit classes from the greatest universities around the world and many of them, like the Khan Academy, are absolutely free. You can brush up on Algebra skills, learn about Renaissance art or even learn the basics of coding from this portal.

When you’re lacking motivation, Ted Talks can give you thousands of empowering presentations from the greatest minds of our generation in seconds. Listen to inventors talk about their process, doctors talk about the key to longevity and entrepreneurs share secrets to productivity. The best part? All of this perspective is absolutely free.

It’s common knowledge that languages open doors, so if you’re sick of all the political rantings showing up on your feeds, consider stepping back from social media and learning a new language. Sites like Duolingo offer free courses for the world’s most used languages and can get you on the path to speaking fluently in no time.

It’s a big world out there and as fun as social media can be, be sure to take the blinders off once in a while and enrich your own life instead of being an observer to everyone else’s!


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