How the practice of creativity can improve your life

How the practice of creativity can improve your life

We’re constantly under assault from outside forces that we really can’t control. Whether it’s a coworker’s passive aggressive tactics in the office, an unexpected bill that knocks the wind out of us financially or even a health scare, there’s so much in our lives that we can’t control. But we also possess within us a tool that can help us shape our mood, our health and even our general success in life.

It’s our creativity.

It’s an essential part of who we are, even if we don’t work in the traditionally creative fields like fine art or fiction. It’s there and it can make our lives into so much more if we open ourselves to it regularly. Here are three amazing benefits of expressing yourself (however you see fit) creatively:


1. It grounds us in the present

When you’re doodling or writing or even journaling, you’re practising a form of mindfulness without realising it. Mindfulness is a fantastic tool for stress relief and for battling anxiety and empowers us to enjoy more from our lives.


2. We connect with others easily

Creativity is a way to get to know ourselves better. Beyond that, it opens doors to communication between those closest to us and even potential new friends. Being more comfortable in your own skin makes relating to others and forming meaningful attachments easier and more rewarding.


3. We open our lives to play

Our lives are usually kept within well-defined and neat boundaries. Laundry goes here. Tax forms go there. On Tuesdays we do our grocery shopping, on Fridays we pay our bills. But engaging in a creative activity frees us from those lame lines that keep us confined in our adult life. Simply by opening up a tube of Burnt Sienna paint or cranking open the hood of the fixer upper car you want to work on, something in our mind lets go and allows us more room for fun and spontaneity. Creativity, in a very concrete way, keeps us young and our minds agile.

Being creative doesn’t require natural-born talent or thousands of pounds in new supplies. It can be as simple as rearranging your flat one weekend or even cracking open a blank book and trying your hand at Haiku. Start slowly and encourage yourself to keep going. Creativity is like a muscle and the more you use it, the easier it gets!


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