CV woes: Avoid these 3 mistakes

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CV woes: Avoid these 3 mistakes

It’s more than just a piece of paper with some dates and a couple of phone numbers. To potential employers, your resume is your personal calling card and many would-be bosses form a first impression on that single document.

If you’re looking to make some changes in 2016, be sure your CV isn’t holding you back. Here are three mistakes to avoid:


1. Too personal

They want to see professional details and insights—not minute details like voted “best dresser” in high school or every single association you belonged to at university. Really, beyond the requisite name and email address, anything that’s not directly related to a professional work experience is unnecessary and unprofessional.


2. Filled with unimportant jobs

Every fast food joint and lawn you mowed between years in school doesn’t add anything to your resume and experts suggest keeping your work experience to within the last ten years, give or take.


3. Not using headings

A would-be employer will spend about 10 seconds scanning your content—be sure to organise your resume into logical categories and help companies find what they’re looking for quickly.

While you’re busy making resolutions for the New Year, don’t neglect things like your CV. Be sure to update yours with any new jobs, responsibilities or achievements from the past year.



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