Fear not: Foolproof ways to give great presentations

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Fear not: Foolproof ways to give great presentations

If you’ve got dreams to ever move up and out with your company or to branch out on your own, the ability to present well and excel at public speaking is a necessary evil. Some people are born with an innate ability to charm audiences no matter the subject material—but for most of us the thought of standing in front of a broad audience is enough to send us running for the hills.


But fear not—public speaking is a skill that can be built up through practice and through employing tips like the ones that follow.


In most cases, you should start with a problem that you’re going to address. When you’re presenting a new concept or product, the quickest way to capture the audience’s attention is to tell them up front what problem of theirs you are going to solve. Empathise with their concerns and clearly illustrate what it is about your product or project that can change their lives.


Second, you need to rehearse. Everyone who’s good at public speaking practices before the big moment. The purpose is to feel comfortable with your material forwards and backwards and to not need to rely on notes or scripts. Feeling fluid in your material means confidence. Confidence radiates out to your audience.


Finally, do a lot of editing before the big day. Sometimes we get caught up in our own narrative and can get carried away with details the audience might not really need. Be sure to take to your presentation or speech with a red pen and get rid of any fluff or inconsequential detail that they don’t need.



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