Hangover hacks: Undo the damage from last night’s blowout

Hangover hacks: Undo the damage from last night’s blowout

Here’s an amazing thing about hangovers—a recent study found that almost 77 percent of drinkers suffered from them, yet science still can’t really explain what causes them.

Whether you’ve got headaches and light sensitivity or an upset stomach that quakes at the thought of eating solid food, if you’ve imbibed a little too much over the holiday season, take heart: there are still things you can do to lessen the severity of your regret!

Start with hydration and electrolytes. Sports drinks work great to boost your body with much needed fluids, sugars and balanced salts. Alcohol is a diuretic by nature, so you’re main job the next morning is to rebuild the fluid balance in your body.

Next, find simple carbs and stomach settling foods like ginger and seltzer. Your body definitely needs something other than the burning pit of acid in your stomach, but anything too heavy or greasy could tip the odds against you. Start simple.

Finally, they don’t say “sleep it off” for nothing. Sleep deprivation, which goes hand-in-hand with partying all night, actually worsens hangovers. Do yourself a favour and get as much sleep as you can while you recover

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