New Year, New Limits: Get out of your comfort zone in 2016

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New Year, New Limits: Get out of your comfort zone in 2016

Security isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it means we feel safe and confident in who we are and where we stand, whether personally or professionally. But sometimes security becomes an albatross around our necks and inhibits us from taking risks or challenges.


The new year is a great time to reflect not only on what you’ve accomplished in 2015, but to look forward to amazing feats you plan to embrace in 2016, too.


To start, ask yourself a couple of important questions—they’ll help you distill down what you’re really after in life. What would you do if you had the money you needed? What difference do you want to make in the world?


From there, write yourself a plan. Keep it simple, but be sure to work in small, actionable steps that you can work toward in the coming year. Whether it’s signing up for an online business class or booking a trip to Australia, make a plan that puts more of what you answered in those life questions on your radar.


Finally, take yourself seriously by doing something scary. It could be as simple as shooting a short video declaring your bold new intentions that you post on your website, signing up to present a great new idea at a local convention or writing that book you’ve been dreaming about!


Comfort zones are wonderful, nurturing places, but when it’s growth you’re after, the best thing you can do for yourself is get out of your comfort zones as quickly as possible.



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