The problem with resolutions: how to make real changes this year

The problem with resolutions: how to make real changes this year

Wouldn’t it be great if writing our resolutions also gave us the power, discipline, and determination to achieve our goals? Well, unfortunately it doesn’t. Our commitment to our resolutions can fade as quickly as the ink dries. Two weeks into the month and we’ve lost sight of those goals we painstakingly crafted.


Resolutions don’t work for us because often they require making changes to behaviour. Until we change what’s on the inside, we are never going to change what’s on the outside.


Start with love and accept yourself. Change doesn’t come by berating, judging, and criticising ourselves; it comes from lovingly accepting the things we cannot change and growing each day to change the things we can.


This does not mean we cannot improve. It means that we are lovable where we are. Wherever we’re starting from is the perfect starting place. Practising self-love is paramount to creating transformational shifts in our lives.


Next, change old, negative beliefs into new, empowering beliefs. Many of us hold unconscious, negative beliefs that we learned as children from our parents, grandparents, teachers, leaders, cultural and religious institutions, or the media. Our actions stem from our beliefs. If our current belief is “I am too old and boring to find happiness,” then our brain will guide us, whether consciously or unconsciously, to find evidence that supports this belief, and our choices will reinforce it.


Lastly, you need to believe in possibilities. It’s a brand new year full of potential for you to make lasting change.


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