3 Hidden Restaurants You Haven't Tried In London

3 Hidden Restaurants You Haven't Tried In London


No matter how many restaurants you think London has…there are more. Every single flavour profile you can dream up can be found somewhere in the city and some places you’ll find a massive crowd there, too. Looking to avoid the mainstream and find your own hidden gem? Give these 3 London eateries a try:


1. Back in 5 Minutes on Brick Lane (goo.gl/roS5Hf)

At the very end of Brick Lane is an eclectic clothes shop called Ante. If you happen to stop in between Wednesday and Saturday after 6:30pm, don’t be surprised to find it still open and serving from a rotating menu. The eatery is from the creative brains of the Disappearing Dining Club, so you can expect a rotating assortment of dishes like scallops w/ white chocolate and caviar, BBQ pulled pork, and chorizo-crusted salmon.


2. Oslo Court at St. John’s Wood (goo.gl/QJaLS6)

Near Regent's Park, this classic French restaurant has been serving amazing food for 40 years, even if most people don’t know it exists. There is a large block of fairly grim residential flats, which somehow house a restaurant that the changing of time has forgotten—never mind the fact that the food is show stopping and affordable.


3. Sirena's at Vauxhall (goo.gl/6fLDaG)

Accessed through cold stairs with peeling paint and metal bannisters in a neighbourhood that looks more like a correctional institution is a quirky Italian eatery that features a solid lineup of classics like Spaghetti Bolognese, Pizza Vivaldi, and Pollo Alla Milanese.

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