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“The world doesn’t need another fashion label, so we started one that truly matters.”


Zelle Studio is an independent womenswear label crafting simplistic, effortless essentials at small quantities. Our vision is to foster a more conscious attitude towards fashion by developing collections that last in a modern wardrobe.


Unlike most companies in the industry, we pursue a high-quality-low-volume strategy where we seek to produce less instead of more. This is because we want you to see your purchases as a long-term investment rather than something to discard after just a few seasons.



About Us



Timeless Capsule Essentials

Clean lines, refined fabrics and uncomplicated silhouettes that will never make you feel out of trend. Our pieces are designed not to reflect the latest fashion trends, but to enhance one's personal lifestyle. Let there be fewer needs, and most importantly, less waste.



Guaranteed Exclusivity

In addition to our core collection, design-led, experimental pieces are added throughout the months and are never repeated once sold out. This is because we see exclusivity as a fundamental value for our customers.



Small-Quantity Production

We produce and release multiple mini-collections throughout the year. As our pieces are made in small batches, quality and detail are in good hand. As a result, we can afford to pay our suppliers above industry average.




“Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest”




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